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Leeveld can take care of your vacation rental business

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Starting your vacation rental business can be very difficult. Leeveld can provide the knowledge and solutions you need.

Just to name a few areas we can help with, website design, hosting, direct sales, online marketing, reservations and payments.

Managed Services

Operating a vacation rental business is not for everyone. If you don't have the time, Leeveld can take care of this for you.

Managed services are alway custom tailored for every client. Your service plan will be customized to your property and requirements.

Technical Services

Writing code for your own business is not something most people want. We can take the technical burden of your shoulders.

We have technical experts for different programming languages such as Coldfusion, Lucee, IOS, Java, Javascript and many more.

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Different ways to Monetize your vacation property

Every property is different. Every owner is different. We therefore prefer a personal touch. By keeping direct lines between our clients and our project managers, we maximize your ROI.

Schedule a meeting with our technical and/or managed services manager so we can understand your goals and requirements.

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